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Empowering Watoto Kwanza Project

The success of YASEFI is dedicated to create opportunities for impoverished children through provision of education which serve their communities with programs focused on health, poverty reduction and gender inequality. This can be achieved through WATOTO KWANZA FOUNDATION (WKF) to improve the plight of children living in slums. WKF始s approach is community based, in which partnerships are cultivated with health agencies, community organizations, orphanages, and agencies that can sponsor students. We maintain close contacts with families, sponsors, and orphanages to monitor progress and assure success. Our vision/long-term objective is to replicate this educational model across India- Africa, building as many schools and educating practically as many needy children as we possibly can.

Harvest Africa

Harvest Africa is a program designed to showcase investment opportunities in Africa to business giants, captains of industries and organizations worldwide, projecting Africa to the world and creating an opportunity to tap into the bountiful business opportunities present in Africa. Through this platform, business moguls and angel investors from across Africa and beyond can network with Africa始s young entrepreneurs socially and financially towards building a market leading business that will drive Africa始s future and prosperity.


Discover the latest features and possibilities available to market and sell your products on the YASEFI APP which is available for download on IOS, Play Store and all android phones. This app connects members together creating a platform for members to access entrepreneurship tips, global business information and timely updates on the organization. Other features include the travelpreneur, market place (a smart store for instant online buying and selling, start-up kits for business and several other packages).

Young African Entrepreneurship and Technical School

Coming soon!!!